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Blue Cheese is the perfect indica strain for those looking to relax after a long day of work. As a cross between Blueberry and U.K. Cheese, you can expect this heavy-hitter to uplift your mind while easing you of all your pain! With an average THC concentration of 21%, Blue Cheese is no strain to mess around with – its indica characteristics will relax you while helping you deal with inflammation, pain and stress. What makes this strain the most unique is the sweet and creamy flavours of blueberries and a tart, pungent cheese. Delectable and smooth, Blue Cheese is a stoner classic that’s meant for everyone!

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Buy Uk Cheese Strain Online

Buy Uk Cheese Strain Online. Cheese has a strong cheddar scent, Cheese’s medical use for patients suffering from stress and anxiety disorders, can be used as treatment for insomnia as well.

Cheese has an THC content ranges between 14% to 20%. Cheese is ideal for users who need to increase appetite, other benefits includes; anxiety depression, pain, nausea.

Brief History of UK Cheese
UK Cheese originated from the British Isles and was created by Exodus, a group of English breeders. They back crossed Skunk #1, and their inbreeding of this strain has resulted in this potent Indica-dominant Hybrid.

UK Cheese is also called Exodus Cheese, named after its creators, by many cannabis consumers.

Distinguishing Features of UK Cheese
UK Cheese has large and slightly elongated buds. It has an almost cylindrical shape and is forest green in color. Frosty white trichomes cover the buds with brownish-orange hairs weaving through it.

Its leaves are also forest green in color and broad at the base which tapers into a narrow tip.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile of UK Cheese
UK Cheese strain is known for its high THC content. According to some lab reports, its THC levels typically reach 20% to about 23% high. Other cannabinoid levels include a 1% CBD level and a 1% CBN level.

Lab tests also show it has terpinolene, pinene, caryophyllene, as well as linalool and limonene.

Flavors and Aromas of UK Cheese
UK Cheese is notoriously pungent and skunky. It has strong cheesy and skunky flavors and taste sweet and creamy at the same time.

As for its aroma, it smells strongly of aged cheese. It also smells skunky and sweet with hints of damp earthiness.

Its aromas and flavors can take some getting used to, especially since they tend to linger on your palate.

Effects of UK Cheese
Best for evening use, UK Cheese produces a powerful euphoric effect that can take away any stress or anxiety you feel. Its potent body high is also very relaxing, almost to the point that you feel a bit sleepy.

UK Cheese also makes you feel more focused. It also triggers a powerful case of the munchies.

Medical Conditions
The effects of UK Cheese cannabis strain can help relieve many symptoms. It’s a potent analgesic that can reduce pain caused by migraines and chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

It can also increase appetite in people suffering from appetite loss as well as improve insomnia. UK Cheese also helps relieve depression and anxiety.

Where to Buy UK Cheese
You can buy UK Cheese from your local dispensary, but if you want to shop in the comforts and privacy of your own home, then order UK Cheese Kush online from

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